Claire Wynn
Holistic Bridport Massage Therapist

My approach to massage is holistic in the truest sense, showing consideration for all aspects of your physical and emotional wellbeing.

My Technique

My technique is empathic and sensitive, responding to the needs of every individual to create a bespoke massage experience and achieving real and long, lasting results through a truly mutual collaboration.

Whether you have a specific area of pain, are suffering with stress and tension, or simply fancy a lovely pamper, I will tailor an effective massage specifically for you in your treatment.


I offer treatments every Thursday in a peaceful room at my home in Bradpole, Bridport and pregnancy massage home visits on Fridays. Contact me to discuss your needs or to book an appointment, or see what clients have said.


See what clients have said...

  • I can highly recommend Claire as a pregnancy massage therapist. Her professional technique was complimented by her intuitive approach, the massage sessions really helped me to take time out to relax during my pregnancy, not an easy thing to do with work commitments and 2 small children to care for.
    Louise Allen
  • Claire was professional and supportive not only with her expert massage technique but also tips on managing labour pains, fit ball exercise and relaxation techniques and tips for my partner to help ease labour pains. Claire also helped me connect with my unborn baby in my sessions by focusing on the baby and my body.
  • I never realised how much tension I hold in my face until Claire gave me a facial massage. Now I always get her to massage my face and I seem to breathe deeper and walk taller afterwards–like I’ve shed a heavy load.
    Sarah, working mother
  • I’d never had a massage before and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to relax but Claire really put me at ease and seemed to have a consciousness of my emotional state as well as physical–I think she has an incredible awareness. On top of that, I’d had an appalling knot in my neck for years which Claire relieved straight away and it hasn’t come back since.
    Marie, working mother
  • I get a lot of pain in my hands and arms because of my job and Claire has really helped me release a lot of tension there and increase suppleness. I also like her professional approach, she’s always really focussed on what she’s doing and the massage seems as important to her as it is to me.
    Tom, builder
  • Incredibly relaxing, gentle, with just the right amount of pressure, I can quite honestly say Claire’s full body massage is the best I’ve ever had!
  • A massage from Claire is a real treat! Claire's holistic and professional approach ensures your overall well being is taken care of. Any niggling problems or specific areas that you want worked on are acknowledged and discussed before proceeding... you will leave feeling relaxed and renewed and coming back for more!