Your Treatment

I offer massage every Thursdays and some Fridays at my home, in a calm and serene room, filled with natural light. Your massage will always be deeply relaxing. My table is draped in freshly laundered, brushed cotton sheets and the delicate scent of organic incense fills the room. Removed from the strains of daily life, it is a chance to stop, exhale, and focus wholly on your body and your mind. Please see FAQ for more information on home visits.

What is holistic massage?

Holistic massage is more than just a formulaic series of strokes. Unlike many massage disciplines, it is not entirely focussed on the body and the relief of tension, although of course this is a large part of the experience.

Holistic massage sees the person as a whole, with each individual having a unique set of problems, some physical, others emotional, that affect how they feel and how their body responds. A good holistic massage provides therapeutic touch that is uniquely tailored to the needs of each person.

What to expect from your treatment

I always seek to work with you during our session. We will discuss your needs and any problems or medical issues that may be important. I will then tailor a massage for you. Your session may involve a variety of massage techniques such as deep tissue methods, subtle energy holds, mobilisations or myofascial release techniques for example. This allows for a bespoke experience that will adapt to your needs with sensativity and professionalism. During the session I will check in with you from time to time to check you’re getting what you need. Afterwards, we may look at things that you can do to help yourself at home. Please see FAQ for other information about your treatment.


Treatments are based on an hourly rate. I can focus on a specific area such as neck and shoulders or facial massage to create a bespoke experience, just let me know what you would like.

Holistic massage60 minutes£40
90 minutes£55
Pregnancy massage
Initial treatment including consultation90 minutes£55
Subsequent treatments as per holistic massage hourly rate

Gift vouchers make a great gift and are available.


I understand that there may be times when you cannot make a session but please try to give me 24 hours notice if you think you can’t make it. Reluctantly I do have to charge for cancellations made under 24 hours and no-shows, this is to cover my costs and loss of clinic time.